PhDnet in collaboration with Max Planck Digital Library are restarting the Open Access Ambassadors (OAA) program. A conference with leading experts and interactive workshops for Max Planck Society’s early career researchers will be held 10-11 December 2019 at Harnack House in Berlin. The OAA program follows a train-the-trainer concept aiming at enabling Early stage researchers to promote open access and open science at their respective institutes.

Become an Ambassador and register here!


  • Train Max Planck Society’s early career researchers on open access and open science in order to share and distribute knowledge throughout and beyond MPG
  • Integrate transparency and principles of openness into the standard research workflow of early stage researchers
  • Initiate a real change and a sustainable transition towards open access and open science in the long term


  • Georg Botz (Max Planck Society)
  • Colleen Campbell (Max Planck Digital Library)
  • Véronique De Herde (European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers)
  • Wolfgang Huang (Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings)
  • Corina Logan (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Gerard Meijer (Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society)
  • Mark Patterson (eLife Sciences Publications)