Open Access Ambassadors Conference December 3rd-4th 2014, Munich

On December 3rd to 4th, the first Max Planck OPEN ACCESS AMBASSADORS conference took place organized by Max Planck Digital Library in cooperation with the Max Planck PhDnet.

Who are the OPEN ACCESS AMBASSADORS? Inspired by the first satellite conference during the Berlin 11 conference series in November 2013, the idea of a novel OA-campaign within the Max Planck Society was born: To strengthen the idea of Open Access within the community of young researchers, we wanted to train early career researchers, who are sent as representatives from each Max Planck Institute to become OPEN ACCESS AMBASSADORS. They should become advocates for Open Access and Open Science in order to carry these concepts into their local research communities.

The Ambassadors’ conference was meant to be the initial spark. We were delighted at the opportunity to include the campaign in the EU project FOSTER (Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research). FOSTER is an European-wide training program that will help researchers, postgraduate students, librarians and other stakeholders to incorporate Open Access approaches into their existing research methodologies.

 We invited young researchers from all over the Max Planck Society (more than 80 research institutes) to take part in the conference and to become an “Ambassador” for Open Access at their institutes. Invitations were made by written letters sent to the directors of each institute and announcements via posters, flyers, internet, and mailing lists. Read More