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Wednesday, December 3rd

13:00 Welcome & Opening | Introduction & Moderation: Sandra Vengadasalam

13:15 Prateek Mahalwar, Max Planck PhDnet [download]

13:30 Frank Sander, Max Planck Digital Library/ General Manager [download]

13:45 Georg Botz, Max Planck Society/ Open Access Policy [download]

14:00 Astrid Orth, Göttingen State and University Library/ FOSTER [download]

14:15 – Opening Speech: Advancing Research by Returning Research Communication to its Roots

Nick Shockey, Right to Research Coalition, USA [download]

 14:45 – Tea/ Coffee break

Researchers’ perspective on Open Access | Moderation: Prateek Mahalwar

15:00 – Open Access in the Scientific Discourse and Quality Assurance

Ulrich Pöschl, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry [download]

15:30 – My experiences with open access publishing as an early-career researcher

Erin C. McKiernan, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico [download]

16:00 – If only access were the only problem of our infrastructure!

Björn Brembs, University of Regensburg [download]

16:30 – Closing remarks day one

16:45 – Presentation: Meet Boston Consulting Group


19:00 – “AMBASSADORS’ NIGHT” at Filmcasino Munich (Odeonsplatz 8, 80539 Munich)

Special guest & dinner talk: Randy Schekman [download]

The Ambassadors’ night will be supported by:



Thursday, December 4th

Open Access Publishing: Misconceptions & perspectives | Moderation: Kai Geschuhn

10:00 – Opening Speech: DORA the reformer – prospects for new approaches to research assessment

Mark Patterson, eLIFE [download]

Publishers’ panel

10:30 – De Gruyter Open (Gerhard Pappert) [download]

10:45 – Faculty 1000 Research (Michaela Torkar, Editorial Director) [download]

11:00 – Frontiers (Mirjam Curno, Editorial Office Manager) [download]

11:15 – SpringerOpen (Veronika Spinka, Open Access Manager) [download]

11:30 – Copernicus Publications (Xenia van Edig, Business Development) [download]

11:45 – QScience– “From Göttingen to Doha: Destination #openaccess”

(Alwaleed Alkhaja, Senior Editor)

12:00 – ScienceOpen (Stephanie Dawson, Managing Director) [download]

12:30 – Lunch

Hands On! Open Access Workshop | Moderation: Prateek Mahalwar

13:15 – Talking about open access with your colleagues and advisors

Meredith Niles, Harvard University [download]

13:45 – Data mining & re-use of published research: copyright problems & the benefits of full open access, elucidated

Ross Mounce, University of Bath [download part I] [download part II]

14:30 – Tools and Support for Open Access at Max Planck Society

Kai Geschuhn, Michael Franke, MPDL [download]

15:00 – Tea/ Coffee break

15:30 – Introduction to Workspaz, Discussion: How to share materials and build up the network, questions. Closing remarks.

Andreas Vogler & Organizing team

16:30 – End of conference